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Self-Determination: A Dormant Right of Kashmiris

The concept of self-determination emerged from Rosseau and John Locke’s political theories, which ultimately led to the French & American Revolution, respectively. On these grounds, the UN formulated and recognized the efforts of indigenous movements in gaining independence from 1960 onwards. The Kashmiri people, therefore, are simply advocating a globally agreed-upon cause in the face of military tyranny and human rights violations posed by India in their territory.


Report: Gilgit-Baltistan: Caught Between A Rock and A Hard Place

A research team from the Centre for Social and Political Research visited Gilgit Baltistan to hold a series of talks with political representatives, social leaders as well as the local people to probe into the historical background, public opinion and political dynamics that revolve around the decision of Pakistani state to grant a provisional provincial status to the region. This report also examines the topic on the macro level discussing international conflicts regarding this region and the micro level as well discovering the cultural factors that determine the public opinion.