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Regional Security Balance in the Context of QUAD & BECA

According to Regional Security Complex Theory, securitization is more intense between the countries inside of the regional security complex, patterned to the security interdependence of the region, a security cluster. Great outside power can penetrate it. RSCT leads to positive security interdependence by making shared security community or negative, including securitization, which leads to conflict formation. The defense pacts and agreements will undoubtedly lead to negative security interdependence by considering the region’s states’ dynamics.

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The Dilemma of Strategic Stability Among Great Powers

If one state’s influence increases, it poses a certain kind of challenge the stability of the other power, which assumes that it would confront my state in the future and challenge security and survival with increasing power. To eliminate this risk, great powers interfere, thwarting each other’s efforts so that they can not create any kind of problem to the interests. Great powers also work together to pursue mutual interest and shared goals in different fields. One does not trust others’ ambitions amid itself since every state in international politics struggles to maximize its own security and minimize potential or long-term threats at others’ expense. The cooperation is often limited to a point where there comes a national security matter.