The Foresight: Kashmir Issue & International Law with Hassan Aslam Shad

An informative session with Hassan Aslam Shad on The Kashmir Issue and its various dimensions in International Law along with

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The “Black Day” is Getting Darker Each Year

Lord Mountbatten declared on June 25, 1947, “The Indian Independence Act releases the States from all their obligations to the

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Gilgit Baltistan: Desire for Identity, Amalgamation and Autonomy

The press conference conducted by the federal minister of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Ali Amin Gandapur, announced elections for the

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Has Gupkar 2.0 Been Betrayed?

After the restoration of Kashmir’s political contender’s right to movement in J&K, the National Conference (NC) held an all-party meeting

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Provisional Provincial Status of Gilgit Baltistan: Facts vs. Fiction

The 28,174 sq mi mountainous area of Gilgit Baltistan was part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir under British