Center for Social and Political Research (CSPR) successfully conducted a seminar on ‘Multidimensionality of Maritime Security’ on 20th February 2021 at the Movenpick hotel. The seminar took place in the wake of AMAN exercises hosted by Pakistan in which as many as forty-five countries participated.

The seminar hosted ten speakers from diverse academic and professional backgrounds who shed light on the multiple dimensions of maritime security, and how the emerging concept of the blue economy contributes to the sustainable economic growth of the country.

The session started with the opening remarks by Mr. Farid bin Masood, the Director of Research at CSPR. He welcomed the guests and shed light on the importance of the theme of the seminar.

After the Opening remarks, our first speaker, Ms. Naghmana Zafar, addressed the seminar and shared her thoughts on the ‘Role of Innovative Technology in Maritime Security’. Ms. Naghmana is currently working as a Staff officer Research at National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA). She is also the IOI Ocean Ambassador to Pakistan.

After Ms. Naghmana, Dr. Hira Mujahid addressed the seminar on ‘Blue Economy: Challenges & Prospects for Pakistan’. Dr. Hira is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Institute of Business Management, Karachi.

Following the address of Dr. Hira Mujahid, Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative of IUCN Pakistan, came on stage to address on the topic of ‘Environment Security of Pakistani Coastline’. Mr. Cheema has more than 20 years of experience in natural resource management.

Our fourth Speaker was the ex-chairperson of the IR Department of University of Karachi and a renowned author, Dr. Shaista Tabassum. She shared her thoughts on the recently held AMAN 2021 Maritime Exercises.

To conclude our first session, the Executive Director of CSPR, Mr. Muhammad Haris, distributed the Awards of Appreciation to our esteemed speakers.

Our second session started with the speeches of Major S.M. Nadeem and Captain (R) Adeeb-uz-Zaman from the advisory council for Professional Youth Foundation of Pakistan. The highlighted the need for integrated efforts of security agencies for maritime affairs.

Our next guest speaker was Commander Muhammad Tahir from Pakistan Coast Guard. He enlightened the audience about the maritime laws and sustainable socio-economic growth in Pakistan.

After Commander Tahir, Director Operations Maritime Security Agency, Commander Muhammad Abdullah talked to the seminar and shed light on the role of PMSA in securing maritime activities.

After the commanders, Our esteemed guest of honor, Vice Admiral (R) Irfan Ahmed, recipient of Hilal-e-Imtiaz (M) and Sitara-e-Jurrat, was requested to come on stage and bring our attention towards the contributions of Pakistan Navy to Maritime Security and Regional Stability in the western Indian ocean.

After an erudite discussion of Vice Admiral (R) Irfan Ahmed and a short Questions & Answers Session, the Executive Director  of CSPR, Mr. Muhammad Haris, concluded the second session by presenting the award of appreciations to the honored guests, followed by the final remarks by the President of Professional Youth Foundation of Pakistan, Mr. Umar Khan.

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