The increasing number of COVID19 cases and bombardment of media showing how things are still out of control, has pushed the population into a confusion, a confusion of what is going to be their financial standings in future, what would it be like to return to the metropolis rat race and how long will it all go. The answer to these statements seems even further abstruse. What seems obvious is the impact the outbreak will have on coming industries like education, technology, banking and online markets and even medical services.

Let us take some of these aspects under consideration.

1.  More Contactless Interfaces and Interactions

There was a time not too long ago when we were impressed by touch screens and all they enabled us to do. Considering the situation now, there is an unintentional resistance and discomfort for touching anything specially which are at public areas. Secondly the instructions by the health authorities regarding the surfaces on which the virus could stay potent and for how long, has just escalated this discomfort. It would not be out of bloom to say that this wave of pandemic would encourage the contactless interface in technologies and appliances in future.

2. Strengthened Digital Infrastructure

COVID-19 caused people to adapt to working from home and in isolation. By forcing our collective hand to find digital solutions to keep meetings, lessons, workouts, and more going when sheltering in our homes, it allowed many of us to see the possibilities for continuing some of these practices in a post-COVID-19 world. This didn’t just encourage to explore their capacity to work even at home but also modify their technological dependency.

3. Telemedicine.

As OPDs are closed due to the lockdown and the panic that is surrounding the hospitals and the traffic at the emergencies of the hospitals, people after some friction over the years have found themselves comfortable on treatment of their health conditions through telemedicine and online consultation. This trend seems to become a norm from now on for majority of the cases with the upgradation of diagnostic techniques over the wire.

4.Rise in Esports

Sporting events, organizations, and fans have had to deal with the reality of their favorite past-times being put on hold or seasons entirely canceled due to COVID-19. But esports are thriving. There are even e-versions of F1 car racing on television, and although it might not be the same as traditional Formula 1 racing, it’s giving people a “sports” outlet. Unlike mainstream sporting events, esporting events can easily transition online. Though the sports events all around the world have been banned for unlimited period people have stormed the streaming websites to see historical matches and events relating to sports history.

5. More Online Shopping

It can be said that any business that has gained most of the COVID19 lockdown more precisely is online shopping industry. The reluctance of people in developing countries and their reliance whether the transaction would be legit has been knocked out by the necessity, and in the midst of lockdown the only ray of light for household items, apart from daily necessities, are the riders of online stores.

There has been an exponential increase in the online shopping figures which have not only increased the credibility of such stores to deliver in future but also has encouraged electronic fund transfers and use of internet banking services among those who never gave it a thought.

It is not a surprise to say the lockdown and the current situation will surely drive and increase the reliance of people on electronic money with greater dependency of banking services and monetary exchange ease which might follow due to the COVID impact.

6. E-gaming industries.

It won’t be hard to believe that E-gaming industry has stood notoriously among the industries mentioned above which has benefited amid the COVID19 outbreak. The number of games downloaded throughout the outbreak are phenomenal, it is appropriate to say the lost generation once ravaged the gaming industry has been brought back.

As the production houses that work on making the games found no obstruction if any due to the outbreak while still working from home the production of games seem to accelerate and would have bigger market as  more people have been confined to indoor activities, which are dominated by E-games, are emerging or have found the lost track.

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