Multidimensionality of Maritime Security: A Sustainable Indian Ocean Region

March 2021

This issue is an anthology of articles written by various authors for the Centre for Social & Political Research. The articles were later edited according to the need of the issue by a team of researchers at the CSPR.

This report is written and published as per the policy of the Centre for Social & Political Research on Intellectual Independence. The authors alone are responsible for their analysis and recommendations; the Centre for Social & Political Research and its donors do not determine, nor necessarily endorse or advocate for, any of the report’s conclusions.

Marine affairs have gained significant importance for the past few years due to the convergence of the regional and global political powers as well as the economic routes along the Pakistani coastal-line. Nearly half of the global trade passes along the western Indian Ocean region, in which Pakistan holds a significant strategic position. To discuss various dimensions of maritime security, authors from different parts of the country have written articles to highlight economic, environmental, and geopolitical aspects of maritime security. The blue economy and Marine tourism are also discussed in this regard. A scholar from Turkey and a scholar from Malaysia contributed an article each in this issue. This issue is being published in the tandem of AMAN2021 naval exercises organized by the Pakistan Navy.

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