Since World War II, democratic governance has flourished and expanded its reach all around the globe. Now, this process has stalled. Democratization is reversing not only in the third world countries but in many countries of the West, I-e, the first world countries as well. The liberal idea of democracy has become obsolete and dying its own death. It is now in conflict with the interests of the irresistible majority of the masses I-e Right-Wing Populism (RWP).

Thrust appears to be with the populist, particularly with the right-wing populist. RWP seems to be the only alternative to democratic governance. Democracy gave birth to RWP automatically when it was born. This raises serious concerns about the current well-being and future prospects of democracy.

RWP is a democratic reaction to the failures, corruption, and cowardliness of the traditional political class

Right-wing populism challenges the basic tenets of liberal democracy, including its emphasis on collaborative decision-making, the rule of law, and individual and minority rights. The decision-making, the rule of law, and every citizen’s rights are the core idea of democracy, or better to say “liberal democracy.” The rise of RWP is not the result of fluctuating circumstances, such as economic recession, income inequality, or migration, the political turmoil, or the COVIID-19 pandemic, nor can it be regarded as a momentary retreat in the excel toward ever-greater democratization.

The list of test cases for the debate, so for the sake of brevity, is never-ending and increasing. We are living in a theatre of a Brexit drama. The freely choosing of Right-Wing Populism in the form of Joe Biden is the democracy’s final act. The yellow vests in France, the illiberal policies of Presidents Erdogan and Orban in Turkey and Hungary build up a dying case of liberal democracy in the hands of right-wing populism.

When Macron won against Marine Le Pen in the French elections and Mark Rutte defeated his opponent Geert Wilders in the Dutch polls in a short span of few months during 2017, many social scientists were asking if the days of populism are numbered? In the likes of Narendra Modi in India and Viktor Orb├ín in Hungary, the answer to this question is NO. But the process of evolution has started, and many political scientists are of the point that liberal democracy will die in the hands of RWP.

It is probably the case in the US election of 2020. People were not reading it as “vote for Biden,” but as “vote against Trump.” Political scientists refer it to as “negative partisanship.” This is the concept that you vote against candidates and parties. People voted against Trump but not in favor of Joe Biden. Trump is such a despicable figure that many people perhaps unwillingly voted for Biden because was no other realistic choice to avoid the doom of the country. Now that Biden will take office, those people will probably stop holding their noses.

A relatable case is of a third-world country i-e Pakistan. Do people really vote for Imran Khan? Or the voters were so fed up with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League N (PMLN), the two main conventional political parties.

The liberal idea of democracy has become obsolete and dying its own death

Are the voters literate enough to understand the concept of deporting someone from power corridors based on political concepts and performances, Or is it the shocking adoration of unseen powers that tumble the power corridors in third world countries?

RWP is a democratic reaction to the failures, corruption, and cowardliness of the traditional political class. The crisis is how positive populists can shape and inform the future of a healthy political culture. The democrats are not crazy but angry and still searching. The right is certainly resurgent and also has a solid base of support. We have witnessed it in the form of Trump, Modi, and Orban’s penchant for picking unnecessary fights. Trump lost the election. Other leaders on this path can predict their future accordingly. This grabs headlines, enrages, and offends, but this does not solve problems; but it is a tactic.

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