Increasing number of coronavirus is just making people more frustrating, it is not just the fear of being sick but compromised future financial standing is also playing a pivotal role which is directly or indirectly affecting the social fabric in general.

One such country, India, which has dense interwoven knots of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities seem to have been victim of increasing social and psychological tense. In the wake of corona many political moves have been laid out which would not have been so easy without lockdown. Similarly, ethnic and racial tensions have been seen on rise. Circumstances like these ae very vulnerable to false flags, while pandemics are full of conspiracy theories and the blame game which usually ends up on people of rival ethnic races.

Past events have sparked another surge of Muslim hate crime in India, this new wave of hidden ethnic cleansing was triggered after some Hindu clerics declared that this coronavirus in India is being spread by Muslims as a weapon against the Hindus who have a full right on the land on the religious superiority. They also claimed that all Muslim population areas specially which have been under influence of Tablighi jamaat and their regular visits are the hotspots of COVID19. What became the bases of there was when the country’s health ministry repeatedly blamed an Islamic seminary in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi for spreading the coronavirus and officials spoke of “human bombs” and “corona jihad.” The country was preparing to extend its lockdown another two weeks. Dubai-based Indian, Saurabh Upadhyay, asked Muslims to “accept they were the source of the pandemic” and called for the death of Jamaat members, describing them as “terrorists”. He deleted his tweets after social media users in the Gulf and India called him out.

The hate speech rallied the attention of Middle eastern elite specially Emirates royal family members, this might become a serious concern for Hindus working in UAE. On April 19, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs said more than 4,000 of the nearly 15,000 cases detected until that day were linked to the Jamaat, whose chief Mullah Saad Kandhalvi was charged with “culpable homicide” and money laundering and is likely to be arrested.

“The level of hubris of the Hindutva fascists shocked people throughout the world, changing previously held opinions,” Dr Farhan Mujahid Chak, who teaches political science in the Gulf Studies programme.

Princess Hend al-Qassimi, a member of the UAE royal family, warned “openly racist and discriminatory” Indians in the Gulf that they “will be fined and made to leave” the country.

This triggered another phase of minority discrimination with deep rooted hatred, which has been constantly nurtured by the Indian media, which has its support from Hindu fascist BJP. No condemnation was reported from any senior official from the regime rather fired up interviews on talk show and derogatory language with rotting smell of Hindu nationalism filling the social media.

This brought to limelight the vulture journalism that has emerged in the wake of coronavirus, performing sting operations in madrassas and mosques, which are forming a new narrative of Muslim Hindu conflict in the region over the blame game of the pandemic.

It seems very strange why the events which have been Hindu festivals were neglected, while above of all why the danger of the pandemic and observance of social distancing not considered when Trump was paying a visit to India, this lasted whole month of February while first case of coronavirus was already reported on 29th  of January ,  It seems like the need of an hour for such journalism to focus on why is there so less testing equipment in India as compared to its population, are medical staff well equipped to work confidently at the frontlines of COVID19, what would be the policy of the government to support the cottage industry which has been devasted due to the pandemic.

The time which seemed might bring humanity closed has yet again been corrupted by radicalized political agendas, where Muslim minority not just deprived of their national freedom but also became the victim of regimes which has always sorted to achieve ethnocentric supremist agendas by means of terrorizing. False flagging and demonizing minorities specially at religious levels.

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