The country which was known as “The Paris of Middle East” is now burning in ashes with the lost souls and hopes due to the apathy and repression of its ruling elites.

FATF is apolitical, but India has politicized it as it has made SAARC redundant by politicizing it. India presented dossier against Pakistan in the FATF meeting in October 2019 so that it could push Pakistan into blacklist altogether. India is also using diplomacy and lobbying to convince the friends of Pakistan to vote against it. Most recently, on 7th August 2020, India has upgraded its efforts to degrade Pakistan. It has vied to present Pakistan as terror financing state by taking the case of Dawood Ibrahim in the United Nations Security Council.

The multifaceted security challenges of the 21st century require us to evolve our security thinking. From approaching security from the traditional prism, we need to expand our horizon of engagement with the notion of security and accommodate evolving strategic trends which include environmental security, cyber security, and information security, etc.

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