Foreign Policy Society Technology

Soft Power: A Promising Tool for the Isolated Nation

In a world dictated by economic forces and military regimes, the conceptualization of soft power as an alternative power structure

Economy Technology

Oil, Pandemic, and Alternative Energy

On the 8th March 2020, the United States crude oil dropped to historically low prices which were triggered by the

India Politics Technology

Facebook and BJP: An Illegitimate Affair

Despite violating the company’s hate speech rule Facebook and Instagram continues to provide a platform to Indian politicians using hateful

Society Technology

Environmental Security of Pakistan

Among the countries which are at the edge of environmental insecurity, Pakistan is among them. Challenged by multifaceted, and crippling,

India Kashmir Society Technology

Dismantling of the Kashmiri Culture under the Guise of “Development”

The relationship between culture and development is as antagonistic as it is corresponding. The impact of development can be adverse