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The Sangh Parivar; An Emerging Threat for the West

The Parivar proclaims an ideology of “Hindutva”, aimed at ensuring Hinduism’s predominance in Indian society, politics, and culture, which it promotes through tactics that include violence and terror. The Sang Parivar got representation in the political domain through the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Bajrang Dal and the Vishnu Hindu Parishad (VHP-World Hindu Council) are the Sangh Parivar’s major organizations. The VHP served as the bridge between RSS and sympathetic religious leaders formed in 1964 to unite different Hindu Groups.

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Shaheen Bagh Verdict: The Murder of Public Dissent in India

The Supreme Court decision is certainly setting up a norm for such protests when stating that any future protests will now be liable to the Court’s statement and must not take place indefinitely in areas not designated by the state. For the religious minorities set to suffer under the Citizen’s Amendment Act, this sets a devastating precedent. Not only is their citizenship status in jeopardy but also their right to peacefully gather and protest the laws which threaten their continued presence in the country.


Rape Epidemic in Pakistan

If a change is required in the stats of sexual violence against women and children, action must be taken. Renown sociologist Emile Durkheim said that unless the wrongs are not condemned publicly, the act would not be erased. Public damnation is necessary for crimes that kill the basic human safety and security of any individual.

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The Past & Future of the Shia-Sunni Polarity in the Middle East

Until the 20th century, the Sunni-Shia division had existed on social tiers and particularly didn’t achieve political overtones. After World

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Soft Power: A Promising Tool for the Isolated Nation

In a world dictated by economic forces and military regimes, the conceptualization of soft power as an alternative power structure

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Single National Curriculum: Uniformity or Conformity?

The Constitution of Pakistan has various legislated laws that call for the provision of education to every citizen of the

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Shock Doctrine in Lebanon

Beirut, a city portraying nostalgia of multiculturalism and possessing vibrant geographic and social spheres was rocked by a devastating blast

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Environmental Security of Pakistan

Among the countries which are at the edge of environmental insecurity, Pakistan is among them. Challenged by multifaceted, and crippling,


The Crisis of Liberalism: Reactionary Liberalism

There is no denying that 2020 has been a year of unprecedented occurrence for nations across the globe. The upheaval

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Raging Hindu Power and the Question of Kashmir

In the days leading to the partition of British India, two essential elements of collective political life were an integral