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A Balance of Interests: Critical Appraisal of the Indo-Iranian Relationship

The inception of the foreign relations between India and Iran dates back to the 1950s as both countries recognized each

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Repressive Policies of BJP Will Result into the Rise of Transnational Terrorism in Kashmir

In the aftermath of abrogation of Article 370, the constitutional provision legitimizing Indian occupying role in Indian-occupied Kashmir, there are

Foreign Policy India Interviews Kashmir

The Foresight: Non-State Actors and Kashmir Issue with Dr. Yelena Biberman

An informative session with Dr. Yelena Biberman on the role of Non-State actors in the Kashmir Issue, their legitimacy, impacts

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Raging Hindu Power and the Question of Kashmir

In the days leading to the partition of British India, two essential elements of collective political life were an integral

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Dismantling of the Kashmiri Culture under the Guise of “Development”

The relationship between culture and development is as antagonistic as it is corresponding. The impact of development can be adverse

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The Foresight: India – China Conflict with Eduardo Baptista

An informative session with Eduardo Baptista (Hong Kong-based Portuguese-Korean Editor, Journalist and Expert on South Asian Geo-Politics with special focus

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The Foresight: Kashmir Conflict with Dr. Sten Widmalm

An informative session with Dr. Sten Widmalm, Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government at Uppsala University, Sweden