India Kashmir Politics

One Year Since Scrapping of Article 370: Are Things Getting Better?

5th August 2019 marked a dark day for the people of Kashmir. Now a year later the situation has only

India Kashmir Politics

Repressive Policies of BJP Will Result into the Rise of Transnational Terrorism in Kashmir

In the aftermath of abrogation of Article 370, the constitutional provision legitimizing Indian occupying role in Indian-occupied Kashmir, there are

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Raging Hindu Power and the Question of Kashmir

In the days leading to the partition of British India, two essential elements of collective political life were an integral


Iran’s Inclusion in BRI: A Silver Lining for Pakistan

On May 08th a local militia group which has taken base on Iranian soil claimed responsibility for the attack, on


Indian Government’s Continuous Silence over UN’s Communications regarding Kashmir

On 5th August 2019, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir went under lockdown not because of a pandemic but


Pakistan’s Recent Kashmir Policy and Its Future

Pakistan considers the region as its integral part or “jugular vein” owing to its Islamic ideology on an ideal plane


China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Dialogue

The 3rd session of the Trilateral Foreign Minister’s Dialogue was held on 07th July 2020 via video conferencing. The Dialogue


Geelani’s Resignation is an Opportunity for the BJP Regime

There have been suspicions about Geelani’s resignation from the Hurriyet conference leadership. Some indicate some internal politics of the Hurriyet


Will China Emerge as a Leader in the Post-Corona World?

As the world is now experiencing the full impact of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, with countries going under


Nepal & India Relations – What Went Wrong?

Nepal, the South Asian country which shares its border with India and China has found itself in a scuffle with