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Peru’s Political Crisis

Peru looked for a new head of state after lawmakers failed to name what would be the third president to lead the country in a week. The country is in the tight grab of one of the most lethal COVID-19 outbreaks, and political commentators say the constitutional crisis cast the country’s democracy at no point.

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Bolivia and the New Left

In the pursuit of a fundamental redistribution of wealth, Bolivia experienced the changing of the constitution, leading to the emergence of a Plurinational Bolivian state. These transformative efforts lead to significant financial prosperity, elimination of racism toward the indigenous people, egalitarian distribution of wealth, and economic growth, which according to an estimate in 2009, was averaging 4.9 annually since 2006 and was highest in the past 30 years of the Bolivian economy.

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Elections in Bolivia: No More Us-Supported Coups Allowed

During the 11 months in which the former Bolivian president Evo Morales was forced to resign and flee the country; the right-wing interim government has completely failed to get the masses on its side. It has also had to deal with certain controversies by undoing Morales’s policies as well as the novel Coronavirus. The failure of the interim right-wing government in Bolivia has helped the leftists to retake power in the country.