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The Pandemic and Educational Institutes

A year ago, no one would have thought in their wildest dream that the novel coronavirus would take such a heavy toll on the educational institutes. According to a report written by Rebecca Winthrop in Brookings, “the level of education disruption that has occurred by global crisis today is far greater than the Spanish Flu pandemic and World War”. Today, more than 180 countries around the world have temporarily put closure on educational institutions to prevent the spread of COVID19.

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Covid-19 and Challenges of Online Education in Pakistan

One of the most important changes the Covid-19 brought is about the way we acquire education. As Covid-19 is an infectious disease and social distancing is required to control it, countries worldwide have shut down the educational institutes and have moved towards distance education, so has Pakistan. But does Pakistan have the necessary infrastructure to support this transition?

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SNC: An Answer To The Socioeconomic Woes Of Pakistan?

There is no disagreement on the fact that all children are equal and that they should be provided quality education irrespective of their background. Article 25-A of the constitution also mandates it for the governments to provide free and quality education to all children between the age of 5 and 16 years. Given this obligation, the government has introduced a single national curriculum through which it aims to address various socioeconomic woes of Pakistan by providing equity education.

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Single National Curriculum: Uniformity or Conformity?

The Constitution of Pakistan has various legislated laws that call for the provision of education to every citizen of the


Socialization and Personality Development

What is Socialization?  Socialization is an interactive, learning process in which an individual learns the habits, attitudes, values and beliefs


How Higher Education Can Aid Economic and Social Development?

Higher education plays a vital role in economic and social development and its importance is increasing day by day, and

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It is a general notion about the subcontinent that the region has always lagged behind in the field of education