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Afghanistan neighbors and post-withdrawal regional stability: A region in uncertainty

As the US-led NATO forces pull out of war-torn Afghanistan, the violence-affected, and impoverished nation is left in shambles. And


Nepal & India Relations – What Went Wrong?

Nepal, the South Asian country which shares its border with India and China has found itself in a scuffle with

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AMAN2021: Revolutionizing Maritime Security Cooperation

The emerging dynamics of Regional Corporation has placed Pakistan in a prime position to become a key player in safeguarding the maritime security of the region. The multinational maritime exercise Aman-2021 is a collaborative initiative conducted by the Pakistani Navy to host navies of different countries in order to maintain peace and stability in the maritime region.

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Classification of Maritime Security Threat Topics

Oktay Çetin1*, Mesut Can Köseoğlu2 1Maritime Transportation and Engineering Department, Maritime Faculty, Pîrî Reis University, İstanbul, Turkey 2Maritime Transportation and


Peru’s Political Crisis

Peru looked for a new head of state after lawmakers failed to name what would be the third president to

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Ten Years Since The Arab Spring

Completing nearly 10 years of the turbulent event, things have not much changed in the affected countries except the number

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Indian Security Laws & Human Rights

Since the dawn of the idea of the nation-state, paramount significance is given to the notion of security which was


GB Elections At A Glance: A Report By Team CSPR

The scheduled date for the long awaited elections in Gilgit-Baltistan has finally been decided, 15th November 2020 will see to the endowment

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GB Independence Day 2020: The History Behind the November 1st

A servitude nation in any part of the world may accept slavery as shaped by their destiny, but a liberal

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Bolivia and the New Left

In the past week, the Movement toward Socialism (MAS) in Bolivia scored a major political victory. It assured its comeback to the political administration