Is BJP using a back channel to revive the politics and BJP narrative in Jumma and Kashmir?, which has been in a stalemate since the arrest of prominent Kashmiri leaders, who are the most favored political influences in Jammu and Kashmir, and the revoke of Article 370.

It came as a surprise for many when On 27th of February Hindustan Times reported that S.A Dulat, a former special director of the Intelligence Bureau and former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), who was appointed as advisor on Kashmir in the Prime Minister’s Office and served there from January 2000 to May 2004, visited DR. Farooq Abdullah while he was in house arrest on 12 February this year. It also stated that MR Dulat’s visit had a clearance from the Home Ministry, and it was under well coordination from the IB in Srinagar. When his account was taken on how much did it reconciled with the reported event his affirmation was very certain.

In his account he stated that he was given permission from Home Ministry on his travel to Srinagar to meet Mr Farooq Abdullah which he insisted on declaring as an unofficial visit and not as an emissary, what brought skepticism over the statement was when he was inquired through a phone call from Home Ministry to account how was his meeting once he returned. Moreover, after his visit, he stated how great of an opportunity it is for New Delhi to restore politics in Jammu and Kashmir through Farooq Abdullah and his National congress party. He went on saying that his visit would not have been possible if government was not interested in Abdullahs and reconciliation with them.

Recently on 11th march government extended the PSA on Dr. Farooq Abdullah and then revoked it back to the prescribed date of 13th March, which could not be really explained by officials, following a release of Omar Abdullah on 24 march seems like BJP is adamant on restoration of democracy in Jammu and Kashmir, infusion of its political narratives and settle the controversial moves that have been affecting BJP’s reputation as a political leadership. While having no intentions of bringing back Articles 370, with that being in mind BJP needs to bring political parties under a favor-pressure game in order not to have resistance if they face disappointment from supreme court on orders relating to Article 370.

In order to restore politics in Jammu and Kashmir it is obvious that it can only be achieved from charismatic personalities who Kashmiris own and no other comes to mind than Abdullahs. According to S.A Dulat, Indian government has always been comfortable with Abdullahs and so were they. It is very clear for thoughts when Farooq Abdullah said that he has raised his children as Indians and their loyalty has always been to Bharat. While in accordance to that, Mr. Dulat’s Statement about Omar Abdullah being the next chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be a claim which could be a surprise for the present government.

There can rarely be a doubt that this would have been perfect moment to bring these political moves from the textbook to execution, in the wake of corona virus outbreak where such alliances would not face much resistance from the people who are shaken by humanitarian sentiments, and out of bloom Omar Abdullah catches a limelight when Mr. Modi praises him for suspending the mass gathering at the funeral of his late uncle.

Reflecting to these statements it seems that BJP now is longing for the restoration of democracy in JK and they certain have found the right strings to pull for the cause, having in mind that parties in JK would go an extra mile for their benefit if BJP could loosen up on them.

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