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INDIA KASHMIR POLITICS How Did the Babri Masjid Case Get “Last Nail in the Coffin of Justice” Last Week?

On the night of December 6, 1992, the BBC paused the broadcasting and announced that the Sunday Observer correspondent from


Pakistan’s Recent Kashmir Policy and Its Future

Pakistan considers the region as its integral part or “jugular vein” owing to its Islamic ideology on an ideal plane


Geelani’s Resignation is an Opportunity for the BJP Regime

There have been suspicions about Geelani’s resignation from the Hurriyet conference leadership. Some indicate some internal politics of the Hurriyet

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The Foresight: India – China Conflict with Eduardo Baptista

An informative session with Eduardo Baptista (Hong Kong-based Portuguese-Korean Editor, Journalist and Expert on South Asian Geo-Politics with special focus


Will Galwan Incident Influence India’s Foreign Policy?

As the aftershocks of the incident in the Galwan valley are continuing in the region, an important, and larger question