The land of Palestine is of great significance for the three dominant religions of the world Islam Christianity and Judaism. Claims over that land has been contested for centuries and ever erupting conflicts are still to reach any solutions. These conflicts seem inevitable as heritage sites of religious significance and historical events relating to these sites have become of immense importance to pursue political agendas. Subsequently apart from the nations in direct conflict over this landmass emerging and superpowers have been influential in shaping and reshaping the politics of the region.

 What is observed is the direct conflict of Palestinians and Israel, which started when in 1947 British brought the Jews from holocaust to have their own homeland and settled them in Palestine ever since this conflict and the authority have been influenced by foreign interventions. Gradually the land mass became from Palestine to Israeli occupied territory to West bank.

Apart from people of Palestine and Israel’s government there’s been a third group that has risen to influential levels affecting the policies pertaining to the region The American Evangelical Christians.

This group has emerged as politically powerful voting bloc in USA and in Trump administration they gained unprecedented political power influencing the sensitive political decisions. According to the survey in 2016 26% of American voter were white Evangelical Christians, 23% Catholics and 22% other Christians. When US embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the move was supported by 53% Evangelical Christians and 46% by the Jews. Their influence is not just indirect to the policies of Trump administration rather strong Evangelists like Michael Pompeo and Mike pence are in the administration making and influencing vital political decisions, Greg Laurie an Evangelical Pastor is head of Spiritual advisors to Mr.Trump. Propublic mentioned how Mike pence’s office meddled in foreign aid to reroute money to favor evangelical Christian groups around the world.

CUFI Christian united for Israel is an organization formed by Christians particularly Evangelical Christians for supporting the state of Israel. The organization believes in support for Israel and the hostility for the enemies, making the notion core tenet of their ideology. This all has its roots from interpretation of Bible. They believe in literal interpretation of Bible and that the Bible is the road map for future prophecies and events to come which is historically accurate and predicts the future with 100% accuracy. Second coming of Jesus is the core prophecy when will he appear is not known but where will he appear is Jerusalem, State of Israel is one of the series of steps to trigger the second coming. This is Christian-Zionism, which was well explained by the congress member Michele Bachmann, Evangelist, who stated that the Jesus will separate the nations on the day of resurrection on behalf of their support to the Zion or animosity towards it. They supported who they see have a foreign policy supporting the Prophecy.

Slogan like Israel is God’s gateway to the Blessings and God will reward those who will help Israel and punish the enemies are reflected in US foreign policies. Israel’s Palestinian occupation is under heavy opposition from Hezbollah which is a military group having its roots in Iran and well supported by regime in Iran and its allies. It is of no surprise why many false flags are seen against Iran and is constantly under heavy sanctions and hostility from USA and its allies making the hostility towards Iran a major part of their foreign policy.

New York Times mentioned in their report on killing of General Soleimani that Pompeo and Pence were urging for the execution of the plan despite heavy opposition from the cabinet. After the US withdrawal from US-Iran deal and the killing of General Soleimani US journalism framed Pompeo as Queen Esther, a Biblical character who was a Jew. She became the wife of the Persian king, when the King was persuaded by his advisor to kill the Jewish population under his kingship over a conflict, the Queen foiled the plan and got the Jews to kill their enemies.

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