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Centre for Social & Political Research (CSPR) is a Karachi-based independent research institute dedicated to academic excellence and integrity of research and committed to improve policy-making and national development by bridging the gap between the policy makers and academicians from different disciplines of Social Sciences.

The center focuses on comparative, diverse and policy-oriented research, and strives to provide critical perspectives on the formulation, production and implementation of public policy. Researchers at this center conduct research on a varied range of policy areas: from the economy and finance to political and social sectors. The stress is more often on foreign policy, economic policy and political stabilization in the country. CSPR is not a lobby group or a campaign body. It is also not affiliated with any political party or interest group.

Mission Statement

The educated youth of Pakistan, at the present, is facing a problem of ideological disintegration and finds itself perplexed regarding social and political issues. This disintegration and perplexity may lead a widespread frustration undermining the necessary sense of unity and patriotism in our rising generation. Hence, a platform that not only guides the young minds but also provides them with an opportunity to express their fresh and thoughtful opinion is indispensable. In our opinion, establishment of such a platform would be a productive endeavor for the political and social stability of the state. Although there are quite a few local research institutions, but the institute that we envisage is unique in terms of providing the youth with an opportunity of active participation based on research and reason while not obtruding the boundaries of national interest.

Our team

Muhammad Haris

Executive Director

Muhammad Haris has his M Phil in International Relations from SZABIST University. He currently teaches at PAF – KIET University and at Institute of Business Administration. He has his interests in Diplomacy, Defence & Security and the rising trends of Nationalism.


Farid Bin Masood

Director Research

Farid Bin Masood has his MPhil in Sociology from University of Karachi. He currently teaches at the same university and at Institute of Business Management and Iqra University as well. His research interests are in Social Change, Political Sociology and Social Movements.