October 2021

Gwadar and the Fifth Generation Twitter Warfare: Opportunities and Challenges

Gwadar’s importance as a seaport on the coastlines of the Arabian Sea is well-known due to its strategic significance, deep blue waters, and geographical location. It has the potential to connect other Asian sub-regions and play a key role in strengthening the economic and strategic environment. Anti-Pakistan forces have been trying to destabilize the area to further their goals. Using fifth-generation warfare technology, i.e, Twitter campaigns, the anti-Pakistan forces plan plots against the region. The research answers the potential benefits of the economic corridor via Gwadar port and also discusses the regional challenges which this project may face and give an in-depth analysis of internal groups acting on the behalf of anti-Pakistan forces.

Report – Gawadar 2021
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Ali Asad has completed his masters in Political Studies from the University of the Punjab. His main area of interest is in capacity building, governance, education, human development, socio-political and socio-economic state of affairs in South East Asian region; focusing Pakistan. He is pursuing M Phil in Public Policy.

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