The Rise of New Militancy in Kashmir: Backlash of Indian Policies in IoJ&K

February 2021

Edited by a team of researchers at the Centre for Social & Political Research including Dr. Agha Ibrahim, Haris, Farid, Hassan Akhtar Siddiqui and Abdur Rehman.

This report is written and published as per the policy of the Centre for Social & Political Research on Intellectual Independence. The authors alone are responsible for their analysis and recommendations; the Centre for Social & Political Research and its donors do not determine, nor necessarily endorse or advocate for, any of the report’s conclusions.

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A new rise of insurgencies in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir has become phenomenal in recent years. The increase in the number of these groups and recruitments can be attributed to the current Indian government’s attitude and policies. Since 2014, when BJP came into power, unrest has risen. Steps taken by BJP Government have initiated a new wave of civil unrest in IOJ&K. This report provides a brief account of the current regime’s policies and their administrative approaches that are leading IOJ&K to become a pool of locally bred militant insurgency.

KeywordsKashmir, BJP, Militancy, Insurgency, Indian Army, Occupation,


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