Disinformation Report: Pakistan’s Strategy Towards 5G Warfare

January 2021

Edited by a team of researchers at the Centre for Social & Political Research including Dr. Agha Ibrahim, Haris, Farid, Hassan Akhtar Siddiqui and Abdur Rehman.

This report is written and published as per the policy of the Centre for Social & Political Research on Intellectual Independence. The authors alone are responsible for their analysis and recommendations; the Centre for Social & Political Research and its donors do not determine, nor necessarily endorse or advocate for, any of the report’s conclusions.


Pakistan has been subjected to severe fifth generation warfare by India. The release of the EU Disinfo Lab report, ‘Indian Chronicles,’ has brought some considerations under the limelight. These considerations are associated with Pakistan’s ineffective response and compromised counter of media wars waged to discredit Pakistan and its foreign policies on international grounds. This report entails brief findings and delineates the role of state and non-state actors regarding their impact in fighting the hybrid wars.

Keywords: 5G Warfare, Information Wars, Disinformation, Indian Chronicles


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