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Raging Hindu Power and the Question of Kashmir(Lou Reed )

In the days leading to the partition of British India, two essential elements of collective political life were an integral

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A Review of 18th Amendment: A Fate Changer for Small Provinces

The 18th Amendment to Pakistan’s constitution was a historical success after months of deliberations, lobbying, and negotiations. The Amendment was brought

India kashmir Politics

Silencing Dissent: India, Hindutva and the Struggle for Truth(Lou Reed)

In late September, it has been reported that Amnesty International India (AI) is suspending its work in the country in

India kashmir Politics

Repressive Policies of BJP Will Result into the Rise of Transnational Terrorism in Kashmir(M. Rafay Hameed Iraqi)

In the aftermath of abrogation of Article 370, the constitutional provision legitimizing Indian occupying role in Indian-occupied Kashmir, there are reports

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Modi and Death Warrant for India’s Free Speech

Free speech and independent media had been the cornerstone of the Indian idea of secular nationalism. Preceding its independence from

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The Past & Future of the Shia-Sunni Polarity in the Middle East

Until the 20th century, the Sunni-Shia division had existed on social tiers and particularly didn’t achieve political overtones. After World War

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Shock Doctrine in Lebanon(Lou Reed)

Beirut, a city portraying nostalgia of multiculturalism and possessing vibrant geographic and social spheres was rocked by a devastating blast early in

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AMAN2021: Revolutionizing Maritime Security Cooperation

The emerging dynamics of Regional Corporation has placed Pakistan in a prime position to become a key player in safeguarding the maritime security of the

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The 47th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

The 47th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is set to end